Finger Painting

At first I started painting with my fingers and immediately thought this is dumb why am I even doing this. But after a little bit I kinda got into it more just cause I really love the ocean and everything that has to do with it. I was able to use different blues and kinda create what I think the ocean feels like when you are enjoying it.

It wasn’t really easy or hard but what was annoying was if you wanted a different color you had to wash your hands and then the sink had paint on it that I again had to wash off and it was a mess.

The experience of painting to feel something was cool because just my go to was the ocean and the cool relaxing vibes you get from it. While making it I felt almost in trance just trying to keep moving stuff around until I could match the exact feelings I was thinking of.

Finger painting wise its not much different maybe too many blues, but art in general I would say its odd because while abstract work usually has something you can get out of it no matter what but with mine I don’t think many other people would think of what I was thinking of or get the same ideas that i do when I look at it.

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