Maintenance Art

Performing this art around the USU felt odd. It almost felt out of place because commonly I just walk by the sculpture and that is it. It felt as if I was being watched, kinda like when you go people watching. It was like we were the thing that was going on and everyone else walking past got to observe us.

Flinging molten lead at a wall and cleaning the steps of a museum are obviously different actions but in terms of art I would say they are different categories as well. Using molten lead as your medium for art is not classic but in no way a crazy way to produce art. There can be beauty found in that action. With cleaning the steps however that seems to be more demonstration art with a specific message. With lead it can be interpreted in many ways and so can cleaning but the cleaning has an overarching theme/message and that’s about woman’s work. While both are art I would say that they are more different than alike.

I think that her cleaning is art because it can be interpreted in many ways by viewers and others. To me what made it art is that she was doing with the purpose for it to be art. If she had done it as a job it would not be, because shes doing it for money and as a job. But by doing it with the purpose to be seen and as a demonstration that’s what makes it art.

I believe that art is art because of the intention of the person making it. Canvas is common but if a person is painting it for the purpose to be seen and viewed by others then its art. But painting for it to be seen by others is not always the purpose of painting on canvas. For example if a person were to paint on canvas to relieve stress or relax then Its not art because it was made for another purpose. Painting a house can most definitely be art, if the person painting wants to show off their skills and talent then its art otherwise its most commonly used to protect the house with color being nothing but a preference to the people living there.

I believe that women’s work is only art when its being done for the purpose of being seen and viewed by others. If women’s work is being done because it needs to be done then I believe that its just work at that point.

Personally there is no star I would get down on my hands and knees to clean because no one there is that important to me. However if these people were family or good friends I would do it for any of them.

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