You can find art everywhere!

For our art we chose an interesting spot, an existing sculpture. We taped our little square using the sculpture to Illustrate a different perspective on the area. Most commonly people see the sculpture and just view it from the surrounding pathways. For our art we depicted a background of trees and the water tower.
While our art was not art before we just added a point of focus so it became art. It wasn’t art because before if you just look at those you would just say it’s decoration for Long Beach.

It will not be art after we take our rectangle down because we created a little portrait using tape that has its own view and scenery.

For our art the actual art is the imagery contained in the tape. It is because it’s looking at everyday objects through a different Perspective that you normally wouldn’t see.

The art can be either be the certain objects in the frame or the picture all together. Altogether art can be music or really anything you choose it to be.

Yes art resides in the viewer because depending on where you stand you won’t see the same image like the one below. It depends on the viewer to have the experience and see the art through the frame we created.

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