Artist conversation

Exhibit Information

Artist: Yucen Liu

Exhibition: Mom said, if I accidentally eat watermelon seed

Media: Copper, sand, and brass

About the artist

Yucen Liu is currently enrolled in California State Long Beach’s graduate school of art. She earned her degree in 3D media primarily in metalworking and design. In the future she wants to continue working with metal and sculpting. She enjoys working with metal and and uses it to explore different ideas.

Formal Analysis

The piece of art I chose to ask her about was very interesting to view. The bear head surrounded by sand with a little flower blooming out is eye catching. This display did not have vibrant colors but rather a couple dull ones like black sand and the copper and brass used for the bears head and flower. Overall the sculpture and surrounding had a very rough texture with the sand being thick and course, to the leaves on the blooming flowers being pointed. The bears head has lines and grooves to indicate the fur but looked jagged to touch. The size of this display was about the size of a students desktop and could easily be viewed from a distance, but when you came closer you could see all the details put into the metalwork.

Content Analysis

When speaking with Yucen she talked about the ideas of childhood animal sculptures. This idea can be seen in this piece throughout with the title being from a child’s perspective using mom and an incomplete sentence to indicate youth. It also shows with the actual bear head too. Instead of using a large and intimidating normal bear she uses a small one almost like a cub. This can be seen as a child’s stuffed animal. Her ideas of childhood memories can be seen throughout her work.


Overall this experience was interesting for myself. I usually do not go to art galleries or exhibits so actually going and viewing art in this manner was a good experience. Most of the stuff from my current life do not resonate here. In conclusion I enjoyed speaking with an artist about their work and what it meant to them.

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