“Drinking” and Drawing




This was a fun activity just because most of the time you have to do other stuff besides just sketch and draw. It was annoying trying to sketch my first cup because it was boring so after I picked up an Arizona and drawing that was much more challenging and entertaining. I enjoy to draw and can get focused on it but will never take time to just draw.

It might sound arrogant but I think that with actual practice I could get good at it but that’s like everything else we do. The more you practice right the better you become.

My major is chemical engineering and sketching is useful with the physics and math part in order to be able to visualize three dimensional problems. But so far it does not seem like being talented sketching will help me much in my studies or future.

I believe that drawing done right is worth more than anything a person can say. It’s amazing what a person can visualize and create with just a pencil. I think drawing is it’s own language and that it can move people more than most words.

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