Sunrises in San Diego

The story

After a night out my friends and I were sitting at our local taqueria at around four A.M.. We had no plans so it was either go home or try and plan something. We decided that we should watch the sunrise, The only problem was that we had around two hours before it came up. We thought and came up with Sand Diego because it’s around two hours away so we had the time.

Driving up the to the top of the veteran memorial hill
view from the top of the hill with sunrise
my friend and I in front of the memorial
View from the beach in la jolla
Friends looking at the seals laying on the rocks
attempt at the finding art thing we did in an earlier blog post

I chose this story mainly because this was the only thing I did this week besides class and working so I thought It would be more interesting than either of those.

I think I did pretty good it clearly shows that we went to San Diego to view something that can be classified as art like a sunrise.

I think the best image is the one of my friend and I in front of the memorial because it was very cool up there and almost unreal. Kinda like a symbol or message from a higher power which is fitting with the cross in the backround.

The one of us driving up the mountain is not a good picture but it does illustrate where we were going and how we got there.

I would try to get more specific pictures of my friends doing something because most of the pictures taken were of the sunrise and kinda basic only a few were worthy of sharing I felt.

I do wish one day to be able to tell stories of myself exploring the ocean like deep sea diving, free diving, and sailing. All those seem like fun and interesting stories to photograph and tell.

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