Artist Conversation 2

Exhibit Information

Artist: Benjamin Kaita

Exhibition: Appointment

Media: Charcoal on Canvas

About the artist

Benjamin Kaita is currently enrolled in California State Long Beach’s school of art. He is working In the fine art bachelors program for drawing and painting. He hopes in the future he can earn his masters in this as well and be able to teach after.

Formal Analysis

This piece is very detailed and by using charcoal it becomes monochrome. It is very interesting because it shows a large horse in the middle of a hospital. It is not colorful at all and is actually all in black and white. It is fairly large and big enough to see from a distance but up close you can see the detail and time put into then work.

Content Analysis

His motivation and reasoning for this work was very deep and resonated with me well. He grew up on a farm and noticed how stables are crafted so poorly and without care. yet hospitals and our homes are crafted with care and style. So putting a horse insides of a hospital s supposed to catch your eye, it’s supposed to tell you that something’s wrong with that picture. By doing this he points out the flaws in making horses spaces so terrible and awful while making ours well.


I enjoyed this conversation much more than last time mainly because ben actually felt like he wanted to explain his work and took more time with me. I also feel like I enjoyed this week more because I really liked what his art had to say about society and in general. It called out society’s flaw in how it treats animals and I enjoyed seeing it.

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