Shocking Art

I chose this idea because I really thought this is one of the only things I do that really challenges assumptions and considers different facts.

With this I hope to communicate that people that lived here for many years before anyone else did are not illegal now. Just because colonizers claim that they are does not actually mean anything. A majority of the land we now call the United States was stolen or acquired through deception. Although I understand it is not fair to judge the past from the futures standards it is still wrong and immoral to persecute and wrongfully imprison people who had their land stolen.

I think this shirt states this perfectly and is clear to anyone who reads it.

I would probably get something that is bigger or a more clear font because the font is kinda weird to read.

Honestly there are not many other things I really care about that could be seen as shocking or off society’s norm. But if I had to choose it would probably be something about the annihilation of the environment.

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