Artist Conversation 4

Artist: Masha Soroudi
Exhibition: Natures Cadence
Media: Visual Communication
Gallery: Azad Art and Architecture University

About the Artist

Marsha Soroudi graduated already and earned her degree in visual communication studies. She traveled a lot through Asian countries and earn their cultures. Married and then left Iran to gain experience and to explore. She does not regret leaving Iran and understands people’s struggles there. She now lives in newport beach. She likes her succulent plant garden that she’s started.

Formal Analysis

Here she uses plants and their natural growth as a metaphor for art. She relates how a plant grows and buries is roots into the ground. It’s about the plants growing and being able to see them on the surface but also their roots.

Content Analysis

She uses this plant as a way to kinda express her own thoughts and mindset about moving here to the US. She highlights how she is an immigrant and struggled to find her feet and want to stay here. She compares herself and how it may be fine and growing on the outside and above ground but there are parts you cannot see on the inside and underground. Nevertheless it finds its way and just needs time and this was the same with her she just needed time and to remember her roots.


I related to her conversation with how she felt different than others because out of my friends I am one of the few that are not white and it is odd to be the only different person in a group. I understand the metaphor with the plants and roots but I resonate more with the parts that say remember your roots which is difficult because I really don’t have cultural roots besides the american way which disappoints me.

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