Virtual art gallery

For my theme I have chosen to do houses that were built. For my virtual reality I played on minecraft with three of my friends. We have all been playing already for a couple of months now and have beaten the end. I chose these three artists because I know them personally and it was the easiest virtual world for me to enter and write about.

So for these homes all in the top three photos of my virtual art gallery the first one is Vinces, the second is Masons, and the last is Danny’s. And I picked these three because they were all online when I was doing this and they all had houses. If you notice all of them look similar in the materials and the style. The materials is because there aren’t many materials that look good in minecraft so they all used the same ones. They are also a similar style because this is kinda how the game designs houses so they all copied the sttyles except for danny.

For my first artist Vince he is my neighbor in real life and he attends San Francisco State university and is getting his degree in business. He kinda uses a tower and regular house for all his stuff but all his chests and crafting stuff is out and kinda just on the sides of the room. he also got the ender dragon head as you can see in the bottom left picture. He uses purple windows and fences and blocks on the outside.

Mason is my second artist and his house is definitely the most complex and intricate. He goes to golden west college and is going to be studying business. He is also my neighbor but he uses picture frames to organize all his stuff and has better and more designs on the inside as you can see with the lamps and fences inside as well as on the outside.

The last one is Danny, he uses a really simple design. Danny goes to UC Irvine and studies biology and is also my neighbor. All his house is, is a little tower with his stuff at the top, but he didnt believe I had an assignment where I had to go inside his house so I built up and you can see the bridge he built to get to his tower in the bottom right. Like vince and mason he uses the same materials an a similar style.

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