My idea was to try and photograph water as droplets because they have always fascinated me

I chose to use the grass in my front yard to as one a background and two to give it some color

I think I was able to show an idea that is often not thought of and thats our size in the universe. With the image on the left it looks like its own world yet its not even the size of my hand.

The materials I chose influenced my experience of my artwork by showing me simplicity in art. I in no way expected the pictures to come out like this with just water and grass but I think they look really cool and kinda make you stop and look for a second.

I think the length of a kiss depends on the situation. Youre saying bye for an hour one second, you’re doing the nasty maybe a little longer.

I think there are two great meals. One with good food doesnt really need a time just however long you need to enjoy it. But a great meal with friends should feel like it has lasted forever but also flew by.

I don’t care about how long but I do think it shouldnt be a third of your lifetime

Art can be an eternity like the sky but also a moment like a wave

Marriage is difficult to me because while there are times when people can make it work for life there are people who I personally think will never get it to work so while I may think for life I know thats not always the case.

Human life is already terminal so I don’t think the question should be how long but how did you spend the time you had

Yes I do because often times I feel time and think well Id rather go home than go somewhere with my friends but then I think fuck it I could be dead tomorrow would I be happy spending my last day watching netflix

Having sustainable human necessities is a right so as long as the human race is long lasting they should be too

I think it depends on how much you dedicate to it like most things in life. If you put everything you have then yes one person can but there’s not many people that can only worry about that

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