Remix Yo!

Well for freedom the internet has pretty much the most you can get anywhere. If you’re anonymous you can say or do really anything you want with no repercussions. That’s also where fear can come from, people with bad intentions can do anything or say anything to another person. This adds risks like identity fraud and hacking but also can empower certain people to speak their minds when normally they wouldn’t.

I think its important for artists work to be protected as their own and so sometimes while its annoying to not be able to use certain music, I understand the need for it. I think copyright is working pretty well as it is.

Ive chosen public domain just because I would not restrict it at all and that way its clear its not my work and the work of lil uzi.

Well I had this idea because I was listening to music to see if I could add them together and the two songs from these different albums came on and I was like wait that would be so cool to remix them. At first I thought it would be easy to just copy and split the images but I had to download a photo editor and get the trial just to save the work without screenshotting it. But in the end it wasn’t bad the images aren’t exact copies so they are a little different in some spots but other than that I think it turned out pretty good.

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