Artist Conversation 2

Exhibit Information

Artist: Benjamin Kaita

Exhibition: Appointment

Media: Charcoal on Canvas

About the artist

Benjamin Kaita is currently enrolled in California State Long Beach’s school of art. He is working In the fine art bachelors program for drawing and painting. He hopes in the future he can earn his masters in this as well and be able to teach after.

Formal Analysis

This piece is very detailed and by using charcoal it becomes monochrome. It is very interesting because it shows a large horse in the middle of a hospital. It is not colorful at all and is actually all in black and white. It is fairly large and big enough to see from a distance but up close you can see the detail and time put into then work.

Content Analysis

His motivation and reasoning for this work was very deep and resonated with me well. He grew up on a farm and noticed how stables are crafted so poorly and without care. yet hospitals and our homes are crafted with care and style. So putting a horse insides of a hospital s supposed to catch your eye, it’s supposed to tell you that something’s wrong with that picture. By doing this he points out the flaws in making horses spaces so terrible and awful while making ours well.


I enjoyed this conversation much more than last time mainly because ben actually felt like he wanted to explain his work and took more time with me. I also feel like I enjoyed this week more because I really liked what his art had to say about society and in general. It called out society’s flaw in how it treats animals and I enjoyed seeing it.

Sunrises in San Diego

The story

After a night out my friends and I were sitting at our local taqueria at around four A.M.. We had no plans so it was either go home or try and plan something. We decided that we should watch the sunrise, The only problem was that we had around two hours before it came up. We thought and came up with Sand Diego because it’s around two hours away so we had the time.

Driving up the to the top of the veteran memorial hill
view from the top of the hill with sunrise
my friend and I in front of the memorial
View from the beach in la jolla
Friends looking at the seals laying on the rocks
attempt at the finding art thing we did in an earlier blog post

I chose this story mainly because this was the only thing I did this week besides class and working so I thought It would be more interesting than either of those.

I think I did pretty good it clearly shows that we went to San Diego to view something that can be classified as art like a sunrise.

I think the best image is the one of my friend and I in front of the memorial because it was very cool up there and almost unreal. Kinda like a symbol or message from a higher power which is fitting with the cross in the backround.

The one of us driving up the mountain is not a good picture but it does illustrate where we were going and how we got there.

I would try to get more specific pictures of my friends doing something because most of the pictures taken were of the sunrise and kinda basic only a few were worthy of sharing I felt.

I do wish one day to be able to tell stories of myself exploring the ocean like deep sea diving, free diving, and sailing. All those seem like fun and interesting stories to photograph and tell.

“Drinking” and Drawing




This was a fun activity just because most of the time you have to do other stuff besides just sketch and draw. It was annoying trying to sketch my first cup because it was boring so after I picked up an Arizona and drawing that was much more challenging and entertaining. I enjoy to draw and can get focused on it but will never take time to just draw.

It might sound arrogant but I think that with actual practice I could get good at it but that’s like everything else we do. The more you practice right the better you become.

My major is chemical engineering and sketching is useful with the physics and math part in order to be able to visualize three dimensional problems. But so far it does not seem like being talented sketching will help me much in my studies or future.

I believe that drawing done right is worth more than anything a person can say. It’s amazing what a person can visualize and create with just a pencil. I think drawing is it’s own language and that it can move people more than most words.

Artist conversation

Exhibit Information

Artist: Yucen Liu

Exhibition: Mom said, if I accidentally eat watermelon seed

Media: Copper, sand, and brass

About the artist

Yucen Liu is currently enrolled in California State Long Beach’s graduate school of art. She earned her degree in 3D media primarily in metalworking and design. In the future she wants to continue working with metal and sculpting. She enjoys working with metal and and uses it to explore different ideas.

Formal Analysis

The piece of art I chose to ask her about was very interesting to view. The bear head surrounded by sand with a little flower blooming out is eye catching. This display did not have vibrant colors but rather a couple dull ones like black sand and the copper and brass used for the bears head and flower. Overall the sculpture and surrounding had a very rough texture with the sand being thick and course, to the leaves on the blooming flowers being pointed. The bears head has lines and grooves to indicate the fur but looked jagged to touch. The size of this display was about the size of a students desktop and could easily be viewed from a distance, but when you came closer you could see all the details put into the metalwork.

Content Analysis

When speaking with Yucen she talked about the ideas of childhood animal sculptures. This idea can be seen in this piece throughout with the title being from a child’s perspective using mom and an incomplete sentence to indicate youth. It also shows with the actual bear head too. Instead of using a large and intimidating normal bear she uses a small one almost like a cub. This can be seen as a child’s stuffed animal. Her ideas of childhood memories can be seen throughout her work.


Overall this experience was interesting for myself. I usually do not go to art galleries or exhibits so actually going and viewing art in this manner was a good experience. Most of the stuff from my current life do not resonate here. In conclusion I enjoyed speaking with an artist about their work and what it meant to them.

You can find art everywhere!

For our art we chose an interesting spot, an existing sculpture. We taped our little square using the sculpture to Illustrate a different perspective on the area. Most commonly people see the sculpture and just view it from the surrounding pathways. For our art we depicted a background of trees and the water tower.
While our art was not art before we just added a point of focus so it became art. It wasn’t art because before if you just look at those you would just say it’s decoration for Long Beach.

It will not be art after we take our rectangle down because we created a little portrait using tape that has its own view and scenery.

For our art the actual art is the imagery contained in the tape. It is because it’s looking at everyday objects through a different Perspective that you normally wouldn’t see.

The art can be either be the certain objects in the frame or the picture all together. Altogether art can be music or really anything you choose it to be.

Yes art resides in the viewer because depending on where you stand you won’t see the same image like the one below. It depends on the viewer to have the experience and see the art through the frame we created.

Finger Painting

At first I started painting with my fingers and immediately thought this is dumb why am I even doing this. But after a little bit I kinda got into it more just cause I really love the ocean and everything that has to do with it. I was able to use different blues and kinda create what I think the ocean feels like when you are enjoying it.

It wasn’t really easy or hard but what was annoying was if you wanted a different color you had to wash your hands and then the sink had paint on it that I again had to wash off and it was a mess.

The experience of painting to feel something was cool because just my go to was the ocean and the cool relaxing vibes you get from it. While making it I felt almost in trance just trying to keep moving stuff around until I could match the exact feelings I was thinking of.

Finger painting wise its not much different maybe too many blues, but art in general I would say its odd because while abstract work usually has something you can get out of it no matter what but with mine I don’t think many other people would think of what I was thinking of or get the same ideas that i do when I look at it.

Maintenance Art

Performing this art around the USU felt odd. It almost felt out of place because commonly I just walk by the sculpture and that is it. It felt as if I was being watched, kinda like when you go people watching. It was like we were the thing that was going on and everyone else walking past got to observe us.

Flinging molten lead at a wall and cleaning the steps of a museum are obviously different actions but in terms of art I would say they are different categories as well. Using molten lead as your medium for art is not classic but in no way a crazy way to produce art. There can be beauty found in that action. With cleaning the steps however that seems to be more demonstration art with a specific message. With lead it can be interpreted in many ways and so can cleaning but the cleaning has an overarching theme/message and that’s about woman’s work. While both are art I would say that they are more different than alike.

I think that her cleaning is art because it can be interpreted in many ways by viewers and others. To me what made it art is that she was doing with the purpose for it to be art. If she had done it as a job it would not be, because shes doing it for money and as a job. But by doing it with the purpose to be seen and as a demonstration that’s what makes it art.

I believe that art is art because of the intention of the person making it. Canvas is common but if a person is painting it for the purpose to be seen and viewed by others then its art. But painting for it to be seen by others is not always the purpose of painting on canvas. For example if a person were to paint on canvas to relieve stress or relax then Its not art because it was made for another purpose. Painting a house can most definitely be art, if the person painting wants to show off their skills and talent then its art otherwise its most commonly used to protect the house with color being nothing but a preference to the people living there.

I believe that women’s work is only art when its being done for the purpose of being seen and viewed by others. If women’s work is being done because it needs to be done then I believe that its just work at that point.

Personally there is no star I would get down on my hands and knees to clean because no one there is that important to me. However if these people were family or good friends I would do it for any of them.

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