For my vlog the overall goal was for you to meet my family and be able to visualize everyone that I live with so you know who I would be talking about in later videos.

I did accomplish this goal because everyone was in it and you could see them live.

Next time I would try and get a treat for my dog so she actually listens and also tell my brother to put a shirt on.

I will not vlog again

My favorite youtuber is probably the crusher. He uses a hydraulic press to crush random objects and its just odd but cool.

I don’t like or enjoy the youtubers who think I am so interested in what they are doing all the time. I do like the hydraulic press just cause you dont know how its going to react.

Invest in slow motion cameras and higher quality cameras so that way it does not myself and my family dont look so bad.

Authenticity to me is that people act themselves with everyone. No matter who they are with they are able to be true and not change for a certain person or people.

Performance in this sense is that people are creating a person that they want to be. Like many of those youtubers there life is not accurately reflected in their videos. instead they put on performance to show to people.

I think that they can be both the same and opposites. If you are your true self on camera and that’s what you show the world then you are being authentic and performing at the same time. But if you get off camera and immediately become a different person or you act or do things differently then I would label that a performance.

The one in the studio does seem like she is more performing. I also think its because she isn’t in the comfort of her own home, she’s on stage in front of an audience it is hard to be 100 percent authentic in front of that many people. The one from her home seems more authentic because she seems more relaxed and also just looks more like herself or a normal person.

check out my vlog with my family!

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