Artist Conversation 5

Artist: Kiyomi Fukui Exhibition: Apologetic GardenMedia: Demonstration/working artWebsite: Kiyomi Fukui Is a graduate of long beach state where she earned a Master’s of Fine Arts in printmaking. She is also a Graduate of La Sierra University where she earned a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Graphic Design. Most of the ideas she explores are about the peopleContinue reading “Artist Conversation 5”

Artist Conversation 4

Artist: Masha SoroudiExhibition: Natures CadenceMedia: Visual CommunicationGallery: Azad Art and Architecture University About the Artist Marsha Soroudi graduated already and earned her degree in visual communication studies. She traveled a lot through Asian countries and earn their cultures. Married and then left Iran to gain experience and to explore. She does not regret leaving Iran and understands people’s struggles there.Continue reading “Artist Conversation 4”

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