Remix Yo!

Well for freedom the internet has pretty much the most you can get anywhere. If you’re anonymous you can say or do really anything you want with no repercussions. That’s also where fear can come from, people with bad intentions can do anything or say anything to another person. This adds risks like identity fraud and hacking but also can empower certain people to speak their minds when normally they wouldn’t.

I think its important for artists work to be protected as their own and so sometimes while its annoying to not be able to use certain music, I understand the need for it. I think copyright is working pretty well as it is.

Ive chosen public domain just because I would not restrict it at all and that way its clear its not my work and the work of lil uzi.

Well I had this idea because I was listening to music to see if I could add them together and the two songs from these different albums came on and I was like wait that would be so cool to remix them. At first I thought it would be easy to just copy and split the images but I had to download a photo editor and get the trial just to save the work without screenshotting it. But in the end it wasn’t bad the images aren’t exact copies so they are a little different in some spots but other than that I think it turned out pretty good.

Artist Conversation 5

Artist: Kiyomi Fukui 
Exhibition: Apologetic Garden
Media: Demonstration/working art

Kiyomi Fukui Is a graduate of long beach state where she earned a Master’s of Fine Arts in printmaking. She is also a Graduate of La Sierra University where she earned a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Graphic Design. Most of the ideas she explores are about the people that participate in them and not the art itself. She varies between ideas but often repeats them multiple times through her process.

For her project, “Apologetic Garden,” Fukui had participantes place personal apologies into an envelope with different types of seeds. She then tended to the planted apologies and watched them grow. She had a photographer document their growth over several months.

In this piece she’s trying to explore her own inner guilt which she states on her website. In our conversation with her she spoke about the passing of her mother and how it affected her. She always wished she could send her the letters she wrote but never did send. By writing these apologies and planting them it’s a way to deal with this grief and guilt inside. It allows the participants to turn those personal apologies and make something out of them rather than them sitting inside rotting.

While the artwork Apologetic Garden didn’t quite resonate with me that deeply, the other conversation we had with her did. When she spoke about her Korean ancestry and feeling like an other type of person I could understand where she’s coming from. I am a quarter Korean and Caucasian but also half Hispanic, this tricultural mix is very difficult sometimes. It doesn’t feel like I belong in any of the three spaces but the issue is if I don’t belong in any of those cultures where should I go then. It makes me feel like an other because no matter which culture I try to embrace I’m always seen as an other there.


While I know the assignment asks for bubble letters I thought I would add some of my favorite brand/vibes into it.

This is a surfboard made by rusty a surfboard company. As you can see they have an R with a main black color and shadowed by a second color.

That R is what I kinda wanted to base my graffiti off because its been done where I live and I like how it looks.

I didn’t do my name but instead I did my nickname JROB just so I could include the letter R.

These pictures include me with the paint, the finished product, and me holding my work.

I liked how it turned out because its very much that style that I like

I used another piece of cardboard to get the solid lines between colors and overall I liked the way it turned out. It was pretty fun to do I think I might start doing this on buildings now.


My idea was to try and photograph water as droplets because they have always fascinated me

I chose to use the grass in my front yard to as one a background and two to give it some color

I think I was able to show an idea that is often not thought of and thats our size in the universe. With the image on the left it looks like its own world yet its not even the size of my hand.

The materials I chose influenced my experience of my artwork by showing me simplicity in art. I in no way expected the pictures to come out like this with just water and grass but I think they look really cool and kinda make you stop and look for a second.

I think the length of a kiss depends on the situation. Youre saying bye for an hour one second, you’re doing the nasty maybe a little longer.

I think there are two great meals. One with good food doesnt really need a time just however long you need to enjoy it. But a great meal with friends should feel like it has lasted forever but also flew by.

I don’t care about how long but I do think it shouldnt be a third of your lifetime

Art can be an eternity like the sky but also a moment like a wave

Marriage is difficult to me because while there are times when people can make it work for life there are people who I personally think will never get it to work so while I may think for life I know thats not always the case.

Human life is already terminal so I don’t think the question should be how long but how did you spend the time you had

Yes I do because often times I feel time and think well Id rather go home than go somewhere with my friends but then I think fuck it I could be dead tomorrow would I be happy spending my last day watching netflix

Having sustainable human necessities is a right so as long as the human race is long lasting they should be too

I think it depends on how much you dedicate to it like most things in life. If you put everything you have then yes one person can but there’s not many people that can only worry about that

Virtual art gallery

For my theme I have chosen to do houses that were built. For my virtual reality I played on minecraft with three of my friends. We have all been playing already for a couple of months now and have beaten the end. I chose these three artists because I know them personally and it was the easiest virtual world for me to enter and write about.

So for these homes all in the top three photos of my virtual art gallery the first one is Vinces, the second is Masons, and the last is Danny’s. And I picked these three because they were all online when I was doing this and they all had houses. If you notice all of them look similar in the materials and the style. The materials is because there aren’t many materials that look good in minecraft so they all used the same ones. They are also a similar style because this is kinda how the game designs houses so they all copied the sttyles except for danny.

For my first artist Vince he is my neighbor in real life and he attends San Francisco State university and is getting his degree in business. He kinda uses a tower and regular house for all his stuff but all his chests and crafting stuff is out and kinda just on the sides of the room. he also got the ender dragon head as you can see in the bottom left picture. He uses purple windows and fences and blocks on the outside.

Mason is my second artist and his house is definitely the most complex and intricate. He goes to golden west college and is going to be studying business. He is also my neighbor but he uses picture frames to organize all his stuff and has better and more designs on the inside as you can see with the lamps and fences inside as well as on the outside.

The last one is Danny, he uses a really simple design. Danny goes to UC Irvine and studies biology and is also my neighbor. All his house is, is a little tower with his stuff at the top, but he didnt believe I had an assignment where I had to go inside his house so I built up and you can see the bridge he built to get to his tower in the bottom right. Like vince and mason he uses the same materials an a similar style.


For my vlog the overall goal was for you to meet my family and be able to visualize everyone that I live with so you know who I would be talking about in later videos.

I did accomplish this goal because everyone was in it and you could see them live.

Next time I would try and get a treat for my dog so she actually listens and also tell my brother to put a shirt on.

I will not vlog again

My favorite youtuber is probably the crusher. He uses a hydraulic press to crush random objects and its just odd but cool.

I don’t like or enjoy the youtubers who think I am so interested in what they are doing all the time. I do like the hydraulic press just cause you dont know how its going to react.

Invest in slow motion cameras and higher quality cameras so that way it does not myself and my family dont look so bad.

Authenticity to me is that people act themselves with everyone. No matter who they are with they are able to be true and not change for a certain person or people.

Performance in this sense is that people are creating a person that they want to be. Like many of those youtubers there life is not accurately reflected in their videos. instead they put on performance to show to people.

I think that they can be both the same and opposites. If you are your true self on camera and that’s what you show the world then you are being authentic and performing at the same time. But if you get off camera and immediately become a different person or you act or do things differently then I would label that a performance.

The one in the studio does seem like she is more performing. I also think its because she isn’t in the comfort of her own home, she’s on stage in front of an audience it is hard to be 100 percent authentic in front of that many people. The one from her home seems more authentic because she seems more relaxed and also just looks more like herself or a normal person.

check out my vlog with my family!

Artist Conversation 4

Artist: Masha Soroudi
Exhibition: Natures Cadence
Media: Visual Communication
Gallery: Azad Art and Architecture University

About the Artist

Marsha Soroudi graduated already and earned her degree in visual communication studies. She traveled a lot through Asian countries and earn their cultures. Married and then left Iran to gain experience and to explore. She does not regret leaving Iran and understands people’s struggles there. She now lives in newport beach. She likes her succulent plant garden that she’s started.

Formal Analysis

Here she uses plants and their natural growth as a metaphor for art. She relates how a plant grows and buries is roots into the ground. It’s about the plants growing and being able to see them on the surface but also their roots.

Content Analysis

She uses this plant as a way to kinda express her own thoughts and mindset about moving here to the US. She highlights how she is an immigrant and struggled to find her feet and want to stay here. She compares herself and how it may be fine and growing on the outside and above ground but there are parts you cannot see on the inside and underground. Nevertheless it finds its way and just needs time and this was the same with her she just needed time and to remember her roots.


I related to her conversation with how she felt different than others because out of my friends I am one of the few that are not white and it is odd to be the only different person in a group. I understand the metaphor with the plants and roots but I resonate more with the parts that say remember your roots which is difficult because I really don’t have cultural roots besides the american way which disappoints me.

Drawing and your brain

Well for starters Im not allowed to leave my home right now so i was not able to get pastels of anything like that so I just used my pencil and pen. I also do not have anyone in my home to do this activity with so I just did it by myself.

Overall it felt weird waiting to draw this and while Im not 21 I did have a few white claws before attempting it. My drawing turned out lame but I think that’s due to the lack o0f color and anything else really. Anyway here is my drawing and me with my pen and pencil

We need to talk about Beauty

I wore this shirt that I would never wear to class just cause I don’t care enough to look any certain way but its alot different I feel than what someone in my major would wear or does wear.

I tried to ask people what major they thought I was in and what I liked to do with my free time if they had to say one thing.

me actually wearing the shirt

For the most part the only thing i learned is that i do not look like a John. I got one name more than once and that was nathan which I thought was weird. But almost everyone said they thought my major was business but I think that’s just because its one of the most common majors.

Overall it was a very weird experience because I don’t usually bother other people just walking around but It was interesting to hear what other people thought of me that i pass by everyday without noticing.

Shocking Art

I chose this idea because I really thought this is one of the only things I do that really challenges assumptions and considers different facts.

With this I hope to communicate that people that lived here for many years before anyone else did are not illegal now. Just because colonizers claim that they are does not actually mean anything. A majority of the land we now call the United States was stolen or acquired through deception. Although I understand it is not fair to judge the past from the futures standards it is still wrong and immoral to persecute and wrongfully imprison people who had their land stolen.

I think this shirt states this perfectly and is clear to anyone who reads it.

I would probably get something that is bigger or a more clear font because the font is kinda weird to read.

Honestly there are not many other things I really care about that could be seen as shocking or off society’s norm. But if I had to choose it would probably be something about the annihilation of the environment.

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